Three Ain't A Crowd is a podcast celebrating the intersections of the arts, mental health and social change.

It champions the difference and diversity in everyone. In each episode, Wanda is joined by a different guest to discuss their projects and ideas, which you may or may not have come across before.

This includes music, fashion, film, performance art, writing amongst others.

In each episode, Wanda will ask her guest 'What's the three' - a variation of top three ambitions, dreams, labels and what's on your google search history. 


What's the Three?

The significance of the three is, funnily enough, threefold.

The intersections of creativity, mental health and social change. 

It's not unusual to be asked to 'describe yourself in three words.' These might be words and descriptions you identify with, but can equally serve as labels and feel contradictory. Humans are complex! This podcast, rather than separating identity and interests, explores how they connect in their own unique way. 

Although this is not an academic podcast, Wanda's work more widely is informed by psychoanalysis and Freud's topography (Wiki here if you fancy a gander) theorises that our minds are divided into Conscious, Preconscious and Unconscious. You may also be familiar with the terms 'Id, Ego and Superego.' 



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